Cloud Computing

When talking about a cloud service we refer to services that are used over the Internet.

Before the cloud concept, everything about the processing and storage of data was done from your own computer. That is, we had to have the relevant programs installed on our laptop to make certain services funcionasen.

What we now allows cloud service is precisely the separation between programs before we were forced to install and run a particular tool. Effect is using management applications or systems remotely through the Internet, without having them installed.

Although we are not aware, every day we use a large number of services in the cloud: Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, etc.. to which we can access from any laptop or computer that has an Internet connection.


  • The service provider is responsible for all: Resource allocation, maintenance, upgrades and updates ... So service owners may delegate all these aspects and save the associated costs.
  • Mobility and Availability: The user benefits from the continued availability of their data. Therefore, at any time or place you can access them only have a computer connected to the Internet.
  • Savings: Companies do not have to invest in purchasing and maintaining servers and software-With the cloud service to rent a service and pay for what is consumed.
  • No Software license
  • Speed: The cloud provides access to applications and services without having to download and businesses gain speed in the implementation of projects.